5 Valentines Day Party Ideas For Adults

Choosing 5 Valentine's Day party ideas for Adults can be a daunting task, especially while planning all other aspects of a festive get together. Fortunately, the following five suggestions remove a lot of the guess work in organizing a cupid friendly Valentine's Day party, though each idea is only appropriate in an adult only setting.

  1. Naughty Pictionary  Replace the selection of words and phrases in the real Pictionary, or make a master list of your own prior to the party. Separate into teams, either women versus men, couples against each other, or any other combination imaginable. A large, dry erase board is the easiest and most “green” choice for your sketchpad, but large paper notepads are available at most craft stores. Grab a kitchen timer or hourglass, make some popcorn, and prepare for badly drawn risqué images.
  2. Famous Couples Costumes Contest  Instead of breaking out the costumes only for Halloween, consider having an adult costume contest. Encourage guests to dress in the most elaborate and extreme versions of Hollywood or otherwise famous couples. An incentive of a naughty, romantic, or otherwise Valentine's Day party oriented prize is a sure way to encourage guests to participate. A gift basket or grab bag of adult toys, lingerie, or gift cards to local adult retailers all makes suitable prizes.
  3. Pin the Heart on Cupid  Grab a pair of angel wings from a toy or costume department, or purchase a set from an online store. Then, cut hearts out of various shades of red paper, and apply adhesive to the back; double sided tape works nicely. At the Valentine's Day party, select a male guest—or request a volunteer—to play the part of Cupid, and blindfold participating guests before spinning them around and sending them at the angel winged volunteer. Bonus points to the contestant who places his or her paper heart closest to Cupid’s heart, or other, previously chosen, body region.
  4. Naughty Hors d'ouvres  Instead of the customary party faire, why not fill your Valentine's Day party with adult theme snacks. Numerous vendors offer cookie cutters in the shape of a penis or a pair of breasts, and sugar cookies with a bag of icing can provide such decorations without fancy cutters. If your party has more of a romantic theme than a risqué one, you could always concentrate on a buffet table full of red cocktails, heart shaped cookies or cakes, and chocolate dipped fruit or pretzels.
  5. Romantic Atmosphere  Whether your adults only Valentine's Day party is romantic or risque, consider setting the mood with slow and steady R&B tunes, candlelight or similarly dimmed lighting, plush pillows and red tones. Simply pulling a thin, red scarf to cover a lampshade can add to the atmosphere, making the setting of your party the perfect blend of festive and tranquil.
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