5 Valentines Day Trips Your Girlfriend Will Love


It is never too early to prepare for that special woman, so these 5 Valentine’s Day Trips Your Girlfriend Will Love will help you prepare.Whether you have been with her for 15 years or this Valentine’s Day is your first together, these are certainly Valentine’s Day trips your girlfriend will love.

San Diego CA. Often referred to as “America’s finest city” San Diego is indeed a great place to live or to visit. Beaches, fine hotels and restaurants are all accessible downtown and are minutes from PetCo Park. The city features one of the country’s best light rail systems also. Hotwire.com recently listed San Diego as the top cheap hotel destination in the country. Even more reason to visit sunny San Diego.

Savannah, GA. “Why yes sir, we sure do wish you’d come visit us!” Imagine that being said with that smooth southern drawl. Savannah is a charming city full of mystery and romance potential. Things move at nearly a snails' pace in this sweet southern city. The city harkens back to an earlier age and has a deep and rich history that is still evident in the small tourist district and niche bed and breakfast communities. Hanging moss, cobblestone and carriage rides are all available to wow the little lady and will make a Valentine’s Day trips your girlfriend will love.

Paris, France. It is a cliché to call this the city of love and romance, but really, it is true. This may not be a first time Valentine’s Day trip, but it is one you should take before you die. Paris is not all Eiffel tower cafes and peculiar men smoking cigarettes in funny hats. Tickets to Paris are available at a very reasonable rate according to hotwire.com. If your loved one is impressed by culture, fine dining and old world flair, then Paris is a Valentine’s Day trip your girlfriend will love.

New York, NY. If hustle and bustle, big buildings and big personalities are your girlfriends’ cup of tea, then let her have a sip of New York. Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Central Park and every possible fine dining experience one can imagine is in New York. Broadway plays are one way to impress her and make it a Valentine’s Day trip your girlfriend will love.

Honolulu, HI. This is the big Kahuna of Valentine’s Day trips she will love. Island paradises are every girls dream, and if you manage to take her on this trip, maybe she can fulfill a dream or two of yours. Everyone knows about the lays and the coconuts and surf, but many do not know that Hawaii is a wonderful dining destination. Shops, mountain biking and remarkable mountaintop views are but a few of the things Hawaii has to offer.



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