5 Walking On Back Massage Tips

 A "walking on the back" massage is one of the common ways of massaging the back at home, however, this type of activity should always be done carefully so no one gets hurt and these 5 Walking On Back Massage tips will help you make sure your back is safe from harm during one of these massages.  A "walking on the back" massage can be performed at some spas and resorts as well, but you will want to make sure the person performing this message is qualified to perform this type of massage.  If you feel pain or discomfort at any type it is advisable that you do not continue with this type of massage.

  1. Never perform a "walking on back" massage while under the influence. It may seem like a fun idea while you're drunk, but the risk of the giver or the receiver getting hurt are much greater this way.
  2. Take your shoes off.  Walking on someone's back in your shoes will get the person all dirty and could hurt them. You are also more likely to slip off someone's back if you're wearing shoes. Barefoot is best for this type of massage. The person getting walked on can wear a shirt or be topless. Don't use oil or lotion for this type of massage, as this increases the risk of falling on your face. This massage will seem much less fun if it ends with a trip to the emergency room.
  3. When a "walking on back massage" is performed by a professional, the massage therapist will usually be holding onto a bar above his or her head to steady themselves and to prevent the full body weight from pressing down on the recipient. Since most people don't have these types of bars at home, it's important to use common sense when performing a walking on back massage. If the person receiving the massage is 100 pounds and the giver is 200, the person on the floor could get hurt. Don't perform this type of massage if there is a big weight discrepancy.
  4. Position the person getting the massage on the floor and carefully step up onto the upper back. If possible, hold onto something to steady yourself and slowly and carefully walk down the back. Then, you can either turn around while still on the back or buttocks area, or get off, change direction, and get back on. Remember to ask the person you're walking on if it feels okay and to say stop if the walking on back massage is painful.
  5. Avoid the spine when walking on the back. Feet should be positioned on either side of the spine. Never walk directly over this area, as you could damage the spine by doing so.

Getting a "walking on back" massage can feel great and be fun, but it's important to be careful not to fall or injure the person getting the massage.

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