5 Watches That Count Calories Burned

Being informed about at least 5 watches that count calories burned can help a person get an optimum workout. A calorie counting watch is one of the most common accessories used during a workout. There are quite a few watches on the market that are perfect for the individual that wants to keep track of the calories they burn.  Below are five of the best watches that count calories burned.   

  1. The Timex Ironman Men’s Race Trainer Heart Monitor Watch – This watch, which counts calories burned, consistently gets good reviews from its users. Timex’s Ironman brand rates high with the athletic types. The watch not only tracks the amount of calories that you burn, but also has a memory ability that can save your latest workouts.
  2. The Garmin Forerunner 305 – Although this calorie counting watch looks more like a small cellular phone on the wrist, it has some amazing capabilities. The watch is famous for its GPS tracking abilities and has one of the most reliable GPS tracking tools available. In addition to this, the watch monitors your speed, distance, pace, and the calories that you burn so that you can train smarter.  It's one of the best watches that count calories burned.
  3. Polar RS100 – This watch is more popular among the ladies because of its slim fit, but stylish men may find the watch is exactly what their looking for if they are looking for a watch that counts calories burned. The designers of the watch understand that in order to reach fitness goals, an individual needs to be able measure the intensity of their exercises. The Polar RS10 has   a special feature that counts calories called the Polar OwnCal.  The Polar OwnCal counts calorie expenditures during workout sessions.
  4. Bowflex Fit Trainer Watch – The best thing about the Bowflex is that it’s easy to use and can count the calories burned. Some fitness watches are complicated and require the reading of a long manual before they can be put to work, but the Bowflex is a simple watch that can measure heart rate and count the calories burned during workouts.
  5.  Reebok Fitwatch – Reebok is famous for making comfortable workout clothes and shoes, but they expressed their fondness for the exercise world even further when they released the Reebok Fitwatch. The Fitwatch uses something called pulse technology to measure heart beat and keep an accurate reading of the number of calories burned. The watch also has zone areas which alerts an individual if they are not working out as hard as they should be.  
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