5 Watches That Measure Distance

These are 5 watches that measure distance. Whether you are training for the big race or just trying to get in shape period, these watches will measure every step you take at the speed you are running and calculate just how far you have gone. Whether it is feet or miles you are trying to measure all five of these watches will get the job done because they are the best.

  1. Polar RS300X SD- This watch is one of the greatest sport watches on the market today. Although it may be a bit pricey as it cost 240 dollars, it is worth every penny you spend on it. This watch is meant for the more hard core and dedicated runners. This watch will measure your distance plus how long it took you to reach that distance in digital form.
  2. Nike Band- This is a little bit more simple compared to the watch above. This watch is made by Nike so you know what you get is going to be good seeing as Nike is one of the leading distributors of sports equipment and a brand name throughout the world. This watch will calculate distance ran, time it took to reach that distance plus the calories you burned, and can be had at the very low price of only 60 dollars.
  3. Tech 4 O Accelerator Men's- This watch contains the bare essentials that you would want in a running watch. This watch measures the steps you take and the miles per hour you are traveling. While simple, it is also cheap, as it can be had for 60 dollars.
  4. New Balance VIA Wrist Pedometer And Watch Model 50007- This watch comes from a brand we know and love. This watch features a calorie counter, step counter, distance counter, time display, chronograph, a stop watch, and its water resistant. That's a mouthful for only 50 dollars.
  5. Timex Iron Man Triathlon Trail Runner Bodylink System- This is the Gucci of watches. This watch is everything your dedicated runner will ever need. At a cost of 275 dollars, you get the finest sports watch on the market.
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