5 Watches For Men With Diamonds

Curious about 5 watches for men with diamonds? Every watch adds a bit of class to your attire, but add a diamond into the mix and all of a sudden you are the talk of the town. Diamonds, whether small and classy or big and flashy, will catch everyone's eye at one point or another through the course of the night. Here are the five best.

  1. Luxurmans Men's Continent Vs Diamond Bezel Watch. This watch is one of the best diamond watches because of how flashy the thing is. It has five different colored diamonds in it (white, yellow, red, blue and green). It is 4.50 ct and can be had for just under 2,000 dollars.
  2. Diamond Tenakey Ace Stainless Gold Watch. This watch just reeks of class. The band of the watch is gold and the watch part has diamonds in the form of two aces. This watch is .75 ct and cost 561 dollars.
  3. Super Techno Mens Yin Yang Watch. This watch may not be as pure as the others on this list, but if you ever want to bling it out, this is your watch. The watch features a silver band with silver and gold diamonds forming a yin yang inside the actual watch part. It is only .12 ct and costs an affordable 169 dollars.
  4. Jacob And Co 5 Time Zone Watch. If you really want to make a lasting impression, and if money is not a problem, then this is your watch. This watch features a leather strap and 3.25 ct diamonds. This watch is multicolored and inside of each color is the time for a different time zone. This fine piece of jewelry costs 3,500 dollars
  5. Geneve Gold Diamond Watch. We saved this one for last. This watch is simply decked out in diamonds. It features a silver strap, and the watch part is pretty much covered top to bottom in white diamonds. This watch comes with a 14k white gold case. This watch has 2 ct and costs a whopping 6,500 dollars.
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