5 Ways To Antique Furniture

If you are you looking for a more worn, vintage feel in your home, then learn these 5 ways to antique furniture. If you like the antique look and have wood furniture in your home, there are several different ways to get the look you are shooting for. The wood furniture you use may be painted, stained, or natural.

  1. Distressed. To antique furniture using the distressed look, you will need to start out either with painted, stained, or natural furniture. Use any sharp tools you have around the home to “distress” your furniture, basically by beating on it until you feel it is properly antiqued.
  2. Sanded. To lightly antique furniture, use a piece of coarse sandpaper to rough up the corners of your painted or stained wood piece. Sand until you have achieved the look you desire.
  3. Glazed. To antique your furniture using a glaze, begin by painting it with furniture enamel; it can be any color you choose. A tinted glaze is applied over the paint, after it has dried, and wiped off so most of the glaze is in the corners of your furniture.
  4. Sanded and distressed. You can also achieve the antique furniture look by both sanding and distressing your wood piece. Begin by sanding the corners of your wood furniture then follow the instructions above to distress it.
  5. Glazed and distressed. This is done by following the instructions above to glaze your antique furniture. Once it has dried, distress the finish by using sharp tools to hit it and scrape it up.
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