5 Ways To Break Up A Couple

If you want to put the breaks on a certain relationship, then follow these 5 ways to break up a couple. If you don't know the correct way to break up a couple, you will be the one that ends up looking like a fool. Break up a couple can be fun, dangerous, and exciting all at the same time. If you follow a few of these five ways to break a couple up, the couple will be split from each other before you know it.

  1. Start a rumor. There is nothing like an ugly rumor to break up a couple. To make a rumor break up a couple, the rumor needs to be extra bad. A rumor about the girl having an STD should work nicely. Of course, starting a rumor that the guy is gay would be a lot of fun and would probably make the girl break up with him.
  2. Give her what she is not getting out of the relationship. Find out what she is not happy with in her current relationship and then give it her. One of the biggest things that women are dissatisfied with in a relationship is communication. You need to become her friend and listen to all of her problems. Once she realizes that you are a much better listener and communicator than her partner, you will be on your way to breaking  up the couple.
  3. Get her friends to think you are great. It is just in a girl's nature to like what her friends like. Get her friends to like you by always being nice and polite when you are around them. If you also laugh at their jokes and listen when they are talking, her friends will defiantly think you are great. Once she realizes how great her friends think you are, she won't want to be in a relationship with a guy that is not a great as you are.
  4. Send anonymous gifts the the girl. Another great way to break a couple up is to send anonymous gifts to the girl. Girls love having a mysterious secret admirer, so getting gifts from someone anonymous, will take their mind off their partner. If you can send the gifts, when you know the guy will be around, it is sure to cause trouble and chaos in their relationship.
  5. Get the guy to cheat on her. Most women won't put up with a cheating guy, so if you can get him to cheat on her you will be able to break the couple up. One way to help move this process along is to get a girl to seriously start flirting with the guy. If you have female friends, who would be willing to do this for you. Another way is just to put the guy in tempting situations. For example, offer to take him for a guys night out at the strip bar.

Breaking up a couple can have irreversible consequences, so you need to make sure it is really what you want, before you actually do it. You also need to be prepared to deal with the couple if they figure out that you were trying to break them up. People in the middle of a break up are not always thinking rationally and can get dangerous.

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