5 Ways Of Cooking Bacon While Camping

Finding five ways of cooking bacon while camping is easy. It's just a matter of cooking the bacon creatively. When you're at home, cooking bacon is as easy as throwing the slabs of meat on a heated pan or skillet. Well, when you're camping, certain luxuries like electric powered stoves aren't so easy to come by. Cooking bacon while camping means taking it back to the old school. Back before all you had to do was light your pilot. Get ready to roll up your sleeves. Here are five relatively simple ways to cook bacon while you're roughing it in the outdoors.

What you need:

  • Bacon
  • Tongs or sharpened moistened sticks
  • Skillet optional
  • Flat rock
  • Fireproof container for the grease
  • Flavored wood chips
  1. The stick over the fire method. There's something to be said about the taste of bacon grease. Though it isn't healthy, it damn sure is tasty. But, if you're the type that wants to do the healthy thing, try using tongs or a stick to cook your bacon over an open flame. All the grease will simply fall into the fire making your bacon that much more healthy. Oh, and make sure you watch your bacon. It wont take long to cook. It'll get crispy really fast. If you hold it over the flame too long it'll turn ashy and black. Yuck.
  2. The modified stick manuever. So, you want the greasy taste of your bacon do you? Well, this method will take two hands to do correctly. You'll need to hold the bacon over the flames with one hand while collecting the falling grease with some sort of fireproof container. So, you be using a stick or tongs to hold the bacon, while using tongs to hold a container to catch the bacon grease. Use the bacon grease to sort or marinate the bacon. With this method it's important not to cook your bacon too fast and to keep the falling grease warm.
  3. Making bacon, so easy a caveman could do it. Okay, you outdoors men. Here's a good one. When you get to the camp site, fine your self  a relatively flat surfaced rock. Make sure it isn't too heavy. Clean the rock off as good as you can. Lay your strips of bacon on the rock, Now, using your tongs, hold the rock over the flame. The bacon should be able to retain some of the grease this way, and you didn't have to girlie out and bring a skillet.
  4. Make it simple. You could just bring a skillet to hold over the flame. No tricks, no nothing. Just a simple skillet. Use tongs or a stick to flip the bacon and you're set. This is a very easy way to cook bacon, but you can't say you're roughing it anymore.
  5. Add some flavoring. Most bacon is hickory flavored anyway, but for those of you that like a little more flavoring, try this. While cooking your bacon on a skillet, drop one or two flavored wood chips in there with the bacon. The flavor of the wood chips will get into the bacon via the grease. Don't use too many or you may start a fire.
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