5 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Likes You

Take some frustration out of the dating game with these 5 ways to find out if a girl likes you. Women are mysterious creatures in the dating world; sometimes it’s hard to find out if they’re actually interested in you or if they’re just being polite. If you’re dating a new woman, you might notice that she says one thing and does another. With so many mixed signals, how can you know if she’s into you?

  1. She remembers details. It’s a given that women like to talk. They talk when they’re nervous, they talk when they’re excited, and they talk just to pass the time. When girls aren’t interested in you, they’ll talk more than listen. This is their way of telling you they don’t really care what you have to say. If you notice that your woman remembers specific details about something you’ve said, that’s a sign that she’s really listening and wants to get to know you better.
  2. She makes eye contact. Making eye contact is women’s subtle way of letting a man know that they are focused on the conversation. If you notice that your girl seems distracted or looks around (hopefully not to check out other guys), she probably isn’t that into you.
  3. She laughs at your jokes. Introducing your individual style of humor into a date can backfire; even if you think your jokes are hilarious, women may not feel the same way. How do you know if a girl really likes you? She’ll laugh even when you make corny jokes or forget the pickup line. This is her way of saying, I like you the way you are.
  4. She smiles. Women who smile are showing you that they are letting their guard down. Even if it’s a nervous smile or a slight giggle, any form of smile is a good sign. Girls will make it very clear if they are bored on a date, so if she smiles.
  5. She touches you. While men connect through physical attraction, women generally connect better through emotional intimacy. That said, when a girl brushes past your arm or runs her fingers through your hair, she is taking the initiative to make physical connections. Take this as a sexy hint that she likes what she sees.
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