5 Ways To Lose Your Voice

Whether you need an excuse to not visit the in-laws, miss the class reunion, or miss a day of work, here are five ways to lose your voice. Since yelling commonly leads to laryngitis, most of these methods will involve straining your voice. Losing your voice is not achieved in five minutes, so allow a few hours of voice straining for these ways to lose your voice to work.

  1. Singing and Whispering Method.  In a closed room, turn on your favorite radio station or listen to your favorite CD. Sing along as loud as you can for twenty minutes, then change your voice into a strained whisper for twenty minutes. This process to lose your voice may take three to five hours. Those with weaker vocal cords will see results in less time.
  2. Pillow Method. If you want a great way to lose your voice, but are not in a situation where you can sing loudly, then this method might be for you. This way to lose your voice is simple, and involves screaming into a pillow. Scream as loud as you can for fifteen minutes into the pillow, then alternate with fifteen minutes of a low growl into your pillow. Repeat the process for three to five hours to lose your voice. This way to lose your voice is similar to the singing and whispering method, but it isn't heard by others nearby.
  3. Lemon and Vinegar Method. This way to lose your voice works because acid irritates the vocal cords. Laryngitis is sometimes caused by acid reflux, so this method of losing your voice imitates acid reflux. This is a great way to lose your voice and make funny faces while doing it. Squeeze two fresh lemons into one glass, then pour four tablespoons of vinegar into another cup. Drink some of the lemon juice, then position yourself in your bed ( or other furniture) so that your head is much lower than your stomach. While upside down, sing along to the radio or scream for fifteen minutes. Repeat the process using vinegar. You can also use this method of losing your voice with the pillow method. Alternate the vinegar and lemon juice for two to four hours.
  4. Ice Method. This method is an easy way to lose your voice without screaming, but also takes some time. Your vocal chords constrict when exposed to cold temperatures. Keep an ice pack around your neck and throat, eat ice, and drink very cold drinks for the 24 hours leading up to the time you want to lose your voice. Talking on the phone or singing can make this way to lose your voice faster.
  5. Cough Method. A great way to lose your voice is by making yourself cough. Coughing irritates the vocal cords. so the longer and harder you cough, the more irritated they will become. Avoid drinking water when attempting to lose your voice with this method, you want to keep the vocal cords dry.
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