5 Ways To Make Her Scream

Protect your sex life from death by boredom by introducing 5 ways to make her scream. Sex is a facet of life that's easy to learn, and absolutely impossible to master. This is because every woman is different. What gets one woman hot may send another packing. You need to become a student of good sex, constantly improving your craft, tirelessly trying to discover new and innovative ways to make her blow her top. There are literally thousands of ways to spark an orgasmic fire in your woman. Your foundation for making her scream has to be rooted in your sexual creativity, your willingness to learn your partner's body, and your understanding that this process of sexual stimulation is an ongoing ever-changing endeavor. Can you find something more interesting or entertaining than learning how to sexually please your woman? No!

  1. Keep an open mind. Guys tend to let their fragile male egos come into play entirely too much in sexual affairs. This isn't about you. It's about giving her body rocking, mind-blowing sex over and over again. So, the first thing you need to do to make her scream is to forget about your penis, and worry about her body, and more importantly her mind. John Mayer described her body as a wonderland right? Well her mind's the Epcot Center. Get into her head and find out what she likes. Her fantasies, anything you can use to set her off. Women are stimulated more by thoughts than guys are. So why don't you plant some seeds in her brain to get her thinking…to get her ready…to get her hot? Just think of the sexual peak she'll reach if you've been massaging her mind all day with thought of dirty deeds. Remember, be creative.
  2. Foreplay is a major tool in making her scream. No, it's not just for getting her wet so you can get in. When you do engage in foreplay, most guys head straight for her breasts, or the vagina. Boring…. Try finding other areas on her body to stimulate with a touch or a kiss or even a bite. The possibilities are endless. This is your time to explore, buddy. Some women can have powerful sexual experiences from the foreplay alone. It just takes a patient guy that's more engrossed in pleasing her than relieving himself.
  3. Learn how to communicate with her kitten. Yeah, you know. In this day and age, most guys do it, but many women complain that it isn't done correctly. Just as a hint, the clitoris is the female equivalent to the man's penis. Do you enjoy a warm tongue? Then she will too. As always, creativity is the key to the lock of making her scream.
  4. Make her wait. Try this one on for size. Get her close to exploding, by any means you see fit, only to let her fall. Wash, rinse, repeat. Only you'll know when you'll actually push her over the edge. The anticipation you'll create will drive her insane. The buildup of the sexual pressure inside of her will be like an erupting volcano once you get her to peak. Yeah, this will make her scream.
  5. Sex toys aren't competition. These guys should be your allies. Just think of the sexual pleasure you can create if you join forces. Think of the possibilities. Think of the stimulation. Think of the orgasms she'll reach. You and her favorite vibrator can be the Batman and Robin of orgasmic pleasure. Put your ego aside and go get her screaming.

Great sexual experiences involve the physicality as well as mental stimulation for women. It's up to you to learn your woman. It's up to you to explore her. Most importantly, it's up to you to be open and willing to try new things to help her reach the sexual gratification she wants. Making her scream will be an enjoyable experience for both if you're willing to put in the effort.

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