5 Ways To Make Love To Your Girlfriend

When you've exhausted all the techniques in your seduction library, look no further than these top 5 ways to make love to your girlfriend. Lovingly crafted and hand-picked from a host of strategy candidates, these rules were designed for those who need to spice up their love lives without switching partners, genders, sexual preference or anything else major.

  1. Following a romantic surprise. Remember, sex itself is never really a surprise to her, especially if you want to do it all the time. Don't bother tying bows around your genitals or even placing them in boxes, because if you really care about your girl, then the best time to make love to her is after you make her feel good after a long day. Do something you normally avoid, going out of your way to get her in the mood.
  2. At work (hers.) Nothing says hot sex like mixing things up. Help your girlfriend break out of her mental boundaries by lovemaking in a place she'd never seriously consider doing it. Don't give up if she thinks it's a crappy idea, either. Work with her until you can figure out a happy compromise, i.e., if not the break room, the mail room during a long weekend. Avoid trying to have sex at your own place of employment though, because it would suck to lose your job. Even more exciting fun can be had by making love in an office where neither one of you works, though getting in can pose a problem.
  3. Plus one. The addition of a third party to your feel-good get-together can really spice things up. The secret to this trick, however, is to never suggest it yourself unless she says something about it first, and if she says she'd want to have a threesome with you and another guy, don't deny it right off the bat, because it may be the only way you'll ever get to the point where you can invite another girl. Seriously.
  4. Slowly, with accessories. You love her, so why not take the time to treat her right? You needn't go wild with toys, cushions, ropes, swings or household objects, but you should probably at least pay some attention to her satisfaction. Experiment with each other as if you have never seen the territory before, and you'll find that sparks you're making together pack a bit more punch. When you take the time to fulfill her fantasies, she'll be more inclined to reciprocate.
  5. Outside. Making love outside in some soft grass, moss or anything else that isn't too dirty or brambly is the absolute best. Romantic picnics are great ways to introduce the subject, and the United States is home to plenty of parks and forests that provide ample tree cover in places farther back from the trails. Always scope your spot out in advance though, because there are all sorts of creatures, rocks and other impediments that can turn the best sex of your life into an allergic, injurious or otherwise physically detrimental disaster.
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