5 Ways Men Can Massage Their Testicles

In order to get harder erections, better sperm quality and to increase testosterone levels, it is important to learn these five ways that men can massage their testicles. Regular testicular massages should be done properly, to maintain the long term health of your testicles. Along with the pleasure you get from a testicle massage, you will also produce an increase in sperm production during the process. If you would like to improve your sexual function or if you have infertile problems, you can follow these easy steps below to massage the testicles.

  1. Stimulate blood circulation. Place a hot wrap around the penis and testicles at a comfortable temperature for five minutes. This technique will increase blood flow in the testicles and penis.
  2. Massage the scrotum and testes. Put a little oil in your hand and in a circular motion massage the testicles, and all the surrounding areas for ten minutes.
  3. Massage between the Testes. Hold the penis up with one hand and with the other, position your index finger behind the scrotum and between the testicles. Next, position your thumb in the front and between the testicles. Tighten your grip between thumb and index finger, and slowly massage the skin between the testicles for five minutes.
  4. Stretch your testicles. Testicle stretching is very beneficial to the urinary system, and it also encourages the testicles to hang lower. Hold both of your testicles in one hand and with a firm grip, gently pull down and pull up the testicles for  ten seconds. Repeat this exercise for ten minutes.
  5. Increase testosterone production. In order to increase your testosterone levels, it is vital to perform a pull down massage on the testicles. With your thumb and index finger positioned around both testicles gently pull down the testicles, and hold that position for twenty seconds. Next, use your other hand to gently massage the testicles in a circular motion. Repeat this process for five minutes.


Testicle massage

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