5 Ways to Prevent Atheletes Foot

You don't have to be an athlete to know the irritation of athlete's foot, though ways to prevent athlete's foot are surpisingly simple.  Caused by the accumulation of trichophytonrubrum, a fungus that thrives on warmth and moisture. The key to prevention is eliminating as much warmth and moisture in one or several of the following ways.

1.  Change Your Socks.  The first and easiest rule to preventing athlete's foot is to keep your socks fresh.  Choose fresh socks in the morning and take another pair to change into at midday, then shower and change your socks again before bed (if you wear socks to bed.) 

2.  Dry Your Feet.  After bathing, showering or swimming, it is important to dry your feet completely, most especially between the toes where athlete's foot begins.

3.  Wear the Right Shoes.  Shoes made from leather and natural materials allow your feet to breathe better than synthetically-made shoes.  You may also want to consider shoe liners, as there are many designed to reduce moisture and prevent athlete's foot in the process.

4.  Wear the Right Socks.  White cotton socks may be boring, but they are simply the best socks for your feet.  Colored socks contain dyes able to irritate the foot, while synthetic materials don't absorb moisture as well as cotton.

5.  Rotate Your Shoes.  Don't get in the habit of wearing your gym shoes to work or out about town.  You may even want to invest in a second pair of athletic shoes, especially if you go to the gym everyday.  It is also important to wash your shoes regularly and allow them to dry completely before you wear them again.  There is nothing more fungus growth-friendly than damp or over-worn shoes, and there is no better way to prevent athlete's foot than to keep your shoes clean, dry and frequently rotated.


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