5 Ways Sex Relieves Stress

The downfall of stress is losing energy and concentration when there is a reoccurring problem but did you know there are 5 ways sex relieves stress? It is not only a fun activity but also leave a smile on your face after the deed is over. Read on reducing the amount of stress in your life.

  1. Release happy hormones. Mental disorder, work, money, and any other negative factors play a large role in stress. Sex relieves stress when after you have sex; by the time you orgasm, your body releases endorphin, a chemical substance in the body which naturally produce a relaxing calming effect.
  2. Sexercising. The natural way to reduce stress is exercising as it builds up serotonin; a neurotransmitter in the brain, which affects the nervous system, which plays a role in stressful situations. Once you begin sexual intercourse, your body starts pumping serotonin and raises its level, leaving you feeling good, in a better mood, and not stress free.
  3. Become a better sleeper. Stress keeps people on edge and increases worry because of a problem. The more you worry the less calm you are and it can keep you up at night and cause anxiety. After orgasming from sex, most men's energy zaps and the only thing you want to do is sleep like a baby. Post sex and sleepiness connects together and when you combine the two frequently, you are a happier person in the morning.
  4. Increase concentration. Although stress puts a strain on sex life and mood, find other ways to get you going before sex. Plan a romantic dinner with your partner, including a full nude body massage, or role-play as it eventually leads to sex. Concentrating on stress-free activities, such as the above examples leads little room for anything else to enter your mind.
  5. Surprise your partner. Make an unexpected phone call to your woman or grab her by the waist and whisper that you want to make love. Becoming excited all over again in the relationship will heighten your sexual mood and release the built in tension you carried due to stress.
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