5 Ways To Show Affection To Your Girlfriend

There 5 ways to show affection to your girlfriend which are sure to please her. Just like men, women love to be admired! While some females aren't keen on tons of affection, most enjoy basic touch and little gestures. If your timing and approach are correct, your girlfriend will be very happy.

  1. Hold her hand. Hand holding is a great way to show affection to your girlfriend. You can hold hands just about anywhere, and while doing most anything. The fun part of holding hands with your girl is the games you can play with your fingers. Lots of emotion can be expressed between the two of you without ever saying a word. This is one of the best ways to show your girlfriend that you care.
  2. Stroke her arm. If done correctly, stroking her arm is another way to show affection to your girlfriend. Without tickling, make gentle, long strokes up and down her arm. This technique is especially effective when she's wearing sleeveless shirts. It's a nice way to show affection in public while letting your girlfriend know she's the hottest chick on the planet.
  3. Bestow little kisses. Little kisses are a fun way to show affection to your girlfriend. Let your imagination run wild as you lay kisses on her face, neck and hands. Tummy kisses are super hot! Bestowing little kisses can lead to exciting sexual games, or the kisses can be a small tease of what's to come. Encourage your girl to return the favor.
  4. Hold her gaze. Holding her gaze when you're talking is an important way to show affection to your girlfriend. Remember that affection doesn't always mean physical touch. Your eyes can speak volumes-so let them shine! Another way to use your eyes is during sex. Be sure to connect and lock eyes while you bestow those little tummy kisses!
  5. Rub her back. Rubbing her back ensures that you are showing affection to your girlfriend. Many women are stressed out and welcome a back run after a long day. If you couple this with a warm bath, she is sure to return the favor. Find out where her sore spots are and help relieve her tension. A relaxed girlfriend is a happy girlfriend!
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