5 Ways To Spice Up A Relationship

There are more then five ways to spice up a relationship, but five will get things rolling! A lot depends on how long the relationship has been developing and how extensive the lull in excitement has become. There are some simple tips that everyone can use to help add a little spice to their relationships.

  1. Go on a date. Sounds simple but if you haven't actually made the effort to treat your wife or girlfriend special in a while, it takes thought. Plan the restaurant, dress up, act like you are trying to woo her all over again. A little romance can go along way. Bring flowers and hold her hand by candle light. Whisper in her ear how beautiful she looks.
  2. Try something new. Get a book or rent a movie about how to spice up a relationship and  your sex life. Research this together and then pick one or two things that you both agree might be fun and different. Eat off of each others naked bodies or try a new sexual position. Buy toys or eatable underwear. Anything that gets your blood pumping in a new way is always exciting.
  3. Take a romantic trip. Another way to spice up a relationship is to take a romantic trip together. Get away to small, cozy Bed and Breakfast in a lazy town, away from the stress and tensions of your everyday lives. Spend a romantic beach weekend rediscovering each other. Take a cruise to someplace exotic or just a meandering road trip. Keep it light and laid back, or the trip will only lead to more stress and conflict.
  4. Go to a public place and pretend you're just meeting. A little role playing never hurt any relationship. Try arriving at a bar or club in separate cars and watching each other from afar for a while. Then come together and pretend to introduce yourselves. Ask her to dance. Keep the charade going for as long as you are both enjoying it.
  5. Do something you both used to love doing. What did the two of you do when you were new, that you don't do anymore? Play miniature golf, go camping or just have a scary movie marathon one afternoon. Go on a picnic or spend hours just sitting in bed, talking. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can mend as well as spice up a relationship.
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