5 Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

These 5 wedding reception table decoration ideas can add to the ambience at your wedding reception. Choose decorations that reflect the style of the wedding. Formal decorations go with a black tie wedding and loose casual bouquets work well at a garden wedding.

  1. Lay the right foundation. Typically a wedding reception table is covered with a tablecloth. But you can add things to the table as an underlayment that will make it special. Use ribbons that crisscross. Flower petals, river rocks, or seashells add a nice natural touch. For a modern look use bamboo mats, confetti, or glass beads. You can also layer the tablecloths or gather them up with ribbons around the table. Add a layer of tulle for a feminine touch.
  2. Flowers are the stars. Most wedding reception tables have a flower arrangement as the centerpiece. If you choose the right flowers and style it makes a simple, lovely decoration. But if you are looking for different wedding reception ideas then choose wheat grass, willow branches, potted plants or flowers, or fruit as the main attractions. Avoid large or tall centerpieces that would block guests’ views.
  3. Illuminate the room. The best wedding reception ideas are sometimes the simplest. Use lighting to add ambience. Choose candles of different heights surrounded by greenery, or placed on a mirror that will reflect the light. You can set a glass bowl on the wedding reception table and float candles in it. You can save on expensive flowers by using inexpensive candles. And they make everyone look great too. Avoid scented candles during a meal.
  4. Name the place. Place cards may seem like a formal element of a wedding reception table. But they do make a guest feel welcome and they keep things organized. You can simply print out a name on a nice card stock and place it in the tines of a fork. Tie a card that you have hole-punched onto the ribbon around a table napkin. For a casual look attach the card to a toothpick and stick in a miniature apple at each place setting.
  5. Give a Gift. When designing a table decoration for your wedding reception make it a gift for everyone at the table. Stack photo cubes with photos of the couple on the table and use it as part of the centerpiece. Or incorporate scented sachets or bags of candy into the design. Any of these can be taken with the guest as a gift at the end of the night.

Wedding reception ideas are plentiful and can overwhelm you. With so many other details to plan in a wedding keep it simple and make it something that makes your guest comfortable and that reflects your personalities.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use round tables instead of rectangular ones for guests to encourage conversation at the wedding reception.
  • Don’t try to fit too many people at one table. People need room to eat comfortably.
  • Unless you are having it done professionally, don’t choose something that requires a lot of last minute preparation. You want to leave time for you and your family to enjoy the wedding day.
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