5 Wedding Reception Table Ideas With Tulle

If you are planning a wedding reception, you may be looking for 5 wedding reception table ideas with tulle. Tulle is a see-through netting that turns wedding receptions into fairy tales. It also comes in handy to cover some of the not-so-pretty things you may find in common wedding reception areas.

  1. Accent the centerpiece. Tulle is a great way to add a color accent to the centerpiece of a wedding reception table. Tulle adds a great punch of color without being overbearing. The tulle can be used under the centerpiece like a placemat or within the centerpiece itself.
  2. Use the tulle as chair covers. By wrapping the tulle around the back of a chair and fastening with a bow or flowers, you can add a dreamy yet elegant look to old, tired and boring chairs. Use a white tulle and add a punch of color with the bow or keep it subtle and create a bow with the tulle.
  3. Create a table skirt. A great wedding reception table idea using tulle is to use the tulle as a table skirt. You can bunch the tulle up and create a table skirt reminiscent of a princess' skirt. Or you can drape the tulle, pinning it up every three feet or so with a tulle bow.
  4. Make a canopy. To create a dreamy backdrop around the cake table (providing there are no lit candles), use a white hula hoop and attach the tulle, leaving enough tulle to reach from floor to ceiling. Attach ribbon streamers in the wedding colors for a more dramatic affect.
  5. Create some subtle touches. Use tulle strips to secure silverware or as tiny bows on the seating cards. Use tulle circles to wrap favors or cake pieces for the wedding reception.



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