5 Weider Home Gym Exercises

For those who own a Weider  home gym, these 5 Weider home gym exercises will come in handy when incorporated into your workout routine. Whether you are trying to tone up or build muscle, using these exercises regularly will ensure you get the results you desire. Weider home gyms are a good alternative to a gym membership or as an additional workout space for those days when you can't get to the gym.

Things you will need.

  • Appropriate workout attire
  • Weider home gym
  1. Lat Pulldowns.  Sit upright on the bench facing the weights on the home gym. Set the appropriate weight and stretch your arms upwards to the overhead bar. Grip the bar in a wide hand grip and pull down slowly and smoothly behind your head. Stop at the top of the shoulders and move your arms back in a smooth, slow motion. Repeat the exercise for a set of twelve. Repeat for three sets of twelve.
  2. Seated Rowing. Get into the seated rowing position on the floor with your knees slightly bent and back straight. Face the weights and lean forward to grip the seated rowing bar. Keeping the back straight pull the bar towards the chest in one smooth motion. Complete three sets of twelve.
  3. Bench Press. Set the weight you want to lift and lay prostrate along the bench. Position yourself so that your chest is under the bench press bar. Grip the bar with your hands evenly spaced either side. Lift the weight in even strokes until your arms are straight and bring slowly back until your elbows are in line with your chest. Repeat twelve times to complete a set. Repeat the set three times.
  4. Leg Extensions. Sit upright on the leg weights bench. Curl your lower leg behind the cushion for the correct lifting position. Lift the weight with your legs by stretching your legs out in front of you slowly. When your legs are straight lower them back to the original position. Repeat the exercise for a set of twelve and repeat the set three times.
  5. Bicep Curls. In the standing position, use the seated rowing bar at a your desired weight. Lift the rowing bar into position with your arms crooked at the elbow and out in front of you. From this position curl the bar up towards your chest and then back down to its original position. Repeat for a set of twelve. Repeat for three sets.

When performing any of these exercises it is important to stretch and warm up properly before you start to prevent injury. Also take precautions and do not exceed your limits when it comes to lifting. There is a danger of straining a muscle by lifting incorrectly or lifting too much weight.

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