5 White Tea Benefits

Used as a traditional medicine for centuries, these five white tea benefits range from cancer prevention to stronger teeth and bones. Although other types of tea, such as black and green tea, are extremely healthy compared to other beverages, white tea tops the list with the highest antioxidant levels and low processed attributes. Antioxidants are a type of nutrient needed to protect the body from free radicals. With numerous white tea benefits, many individuals have switched to drink this supreme drink of health.

  1. Low Blood Pressure. Studies show one of the best white tea benefits is the improvement of artery function. White tea is able to thin the blood and lower high blood pressure. The tea is loaded with nutrients that help maintain a healthy blood pressure, promote strong blood vessels, and prevent against strokes.
  2. Cancer Prevention. White tea has the capabilities to fight against cancer-causing cells in various types of cancer including prostate, colon, and some stomach cancers. This is because white tea contains flavonoids, a group of antioxidants that prohibit the growth of these cancer cells and prevent new ones from forming. White tea has been substituted for some prescription drugs as it has healing features without the uncomfortable side effects.
  3. Lower Cholesterol. Cholesterol can be effectively reduced with the use of catechins, a group of antioxidants, which can be found in high numbers in white tea. Cholesterol is a fat needed by the body for healthy function but there is some good cholesterol and some bad. As one of the leading white tea benefits, the beverage increases the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad. It also helps prevent the blockage and hardening of arteries.
  4. Healthy Skin. One of the more visible white tea benefits is healthy skin. Various factors such as stress, sun exposure, and a poor diet can lead to premature aging of the skin. This is because these damaging factors cause free radicals that can cause the skin to look dull and unattractive. White tea works to reverse these signs of aging, leaving you with a radiant and youthful appearance.
  5. Healthy Teeth & Gums. White tea benefits numerous areas of the body including the teeth and gums. This is because white tea contains small traces of fluoride as well as a number of other important nutrients which promote strong and healthy teeth and gums. White tea also helps to kill bacteria in the mouth that can lead to gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and plaque buildup.





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