5 Windshield Scratch Removal Tips

If you are trying to get rid of a scratch on your windshield, here are 5 windshield scratch removal tips that may help. Be sure that your windshield is scratched and not cracked–that is a whole different ball of wax and it will take a professional to take care of it! The difference between a scratch and a crack is the crack will be the same depth as the length of the crack, but will stop when it reaches the laminate layer.

  1. Use a paste scratch remover to polish out the scratch. If the scratch is deep, this method is not recommended as it will take a long time to polish it out. To polish out a scratch, be sure to have a sprayer that gives out a fine mist to keep the glass from getting too hot. Put masking tape around the scratch to keep the polish from going all over the place. Also make a channel of duct tape and put it under the scratch to get rid of any slurry that forms while you are polishing out the scratch. Buy a glass paste repair kit and start with the roughest paste. You will also need an electric air powered drill because you cannot do this by hand. Work your way down to the finest paste, taking out the scratches as you go.
  2. Use jeweler's rouge to get out the scratch. If jeweler's rouge can polish a diamond, it can do a great job on the scratch of your windshield. This is a harder way of doing it, but it will get it as close to perfect as possible.

  3. Use some windshield repair resin. If you clean your windshield really well and apply windshield repair resin to the scratch, it almost disappears. But the scratch will come back after a few months because it was just masked; you never really got rid of it. This process can be repeated when it reappears.

  4. Make sure the windshield is really clean. Use a window cleaner and a razor blade to make sure the window is really clean. On old classic vehicles there are often layers of dirt that have built up over time. In order to do the best repair job, it is important to make sure the windshield is completely clean.

  5. Do not dry sand the windshield. Not only can dry sanding be hazardous to your health, it's not good for the windshield. Always wet sand your scratch to prevent the glass from getting too hot. Also, never sand a cold windshield.

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