5 Women Athletes That Take Steroids

Although male athletes usually bear the brunt of the press and publicity when it comes to abuse, here are 5 women athletes that take steroids, or took steroids during their careers. It is interesting how they were all either on an Olympic team or training for the Olympics when they were using.

  1. Crystal Cox.  A sprinter in the 2004 Olympics, Cox admitted to using steroids for years. Since she was a part of the relay team that won the gold medal, the whole team is now in jeopardy of losing their medals. The international Olympic Committee is currently looking into it.
  2. Marion Jones.   In the 2000 Olympics track star Marion Jones won three gold medals and two bronze medals. In 2007 she admitted to using the steroid called "the clear" for almost two years while she prepared for the Olympics.  Cox said that her coach gave her the drug telling her it was flaxseed oil, but she still lost her medals.
  3. Tammy Thomas.  As an elite cyclist Tammy Thomas was well known for her abilities. She won a silver medal in 2001, and was working towards the Olympic cycling team when in 2002 she banned from the sport because steroids were found in her urine. In April of 2010 she was indicted for steroid use. She also has the notorious title of being the first woman, and the first in her sport to be charged with lying to the grand jury as part of a large investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory.
  4. Beverly McDonald. McDonald was on the gold medal winning Jamaican relay team when she was taking steroids. She along with her husband who was also an Olympic athlete both tested positive for steroids.
  5. Marta Bastianelli. A young world champion road cyclist, Bastianelli was headed for the 2008 Bejing Olympics when she tested positive. She was disqualified, and replaced on the team.
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