5 Women Bodybuilders On Steroids

Looking for 5 women bodybuilders on steroids? Women don't have the testosterone to build enough muscle to look like male bodybuilders. To achieve more muscle, some female bodybuilders resort to using anabolic steroids. Using anabolic steroids has significant consequences for a person's health. For women, anabolic steroids can damage the kidneys and liver and deepen the voice. The following 5 bodybuilding women have admitted to being on steroids presently or in the past.

  1. Colette Guimond. Colette Guimond is a female bodybuilder who has used steroids. Guimond weighs 165 pounds at only 5'1". Guimond has calves that measure 17.5 inches in circumference. Guimond is a well-known professional female bodybuilder.
  2. Irene Andersen. Irene Andersen is a Swedish woman on steroids. Andersen was caught with approximately $4,500 worth of anabolic steroids in 2010 and was charged with "intent to distribute." Andersen admitted to the personal use of steroids and denied the intent to distribute.
  3. Trudy Ireland. Ireland is a professional female bodybuider on steroids. Ireland was arrested during a controversial steroid bust in Oklahoma in 2006. Ireland competed in the heavyweight bodybuilding class and the over-50 bodybuilding class. Ireland has allegedly suffered heart problems as a result of her steroid use.
  4. Nicole Bass. Nicole Bass is a bodybuilding woman and professional wrestler. Bass has earned the title of "largest female bodybuilder." She has competed in WWF and ECW wrestling. The height of Bass's bodybuilding career was when she won the NPC bodybuilding championship in 1997. Bass was hospitalized in 2006 because of steroid-related problems with her pancreas.
  5. Sherry Smith. Smith is a professional female bodybuilder on steroids. Smith was arrested in 2009 on steroid charges. Smith and eight other bodybuilders, including Trudy Ireland, were charged with possession and intent to distribute steroids. Smith works as a firefighter in addition to being a professional bodybuilding woman.



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