5 Wood Board Games

If you've got no power for the night, then maybe you should dig into these 5 wood board games. The following wood board games are classics in their own right and have been entertaining people for generations. While it's great to watch TV and play video games, sometimes it's just nice to kick back with the following wood board games.

  1. Chess. The most well-known wood board game of all time, chess is a classic game about strategy, war, and maybe a little bit of luck. Two players with sixteen pieces each battle it out to see who can capture the other's king first. Games can last as long as days, and always leave a feeling of accomplishment no matter the outcome.
  2. Checkers. This wood board game is seen as chess' younger brother, but is no doubt any less enjoyable. Black and red pieces take turns trying to eliminate the other color completely from the board. This is one of the best wood board games for younger players because it's so easy to teach.
  3. Go. This is a great wood board game that is straight out of ancient Japan. Two sides, black and white, take turns trying to get as much territory on the board as possible. While you can capture pieces like in chess, it's actually encouraged that you play defensively and try to gain more territory than you do captured players. This is definitely a thinking man's game.
  4. Chinese Checkers. As the name implies, this game can best be described as a Chinese twist on the classic checkers. Players move marbles across a board for the purpose of completely occupying the other person's territory. It's a game of cut-throat tactics, strategy, and deception.
  5. Scrabble. This is one of the best board games for the literature buffs in your group. Players take turns building words using individual letters to rack up points by word length and complexity. Some might find it a little boring, but for those who like to be intellectually-stimulated, it's one of the best wood board games ever!

If you feel like the TV is getting a little dull, then these wood board games are just the thing you need. They will be sure to entertain you and your friends for hours while stimulating your mind!



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