5 Worst Bachelor Party Ideas

The 5 worst bachelor party ideas are really important to keep in mind when planning your best bud's bachelor party. If you choose a bad idea for his bachelor party, you can leave a lifelong bad taste in your friend's mouth! This is his last night of freedom. Do you really want to be the man who is to blame for making it one of the worst nights of his life as well? If not, then be sure not to use any of the ideas below!

  1. Reliving a moving. Your best pal is never going to forgive you if you are so cliché that you try to relive a favorite movie for his bachelor party. We all know that there are a wide variety of movies that are based around a crazy bachelor party, but none of them are all that realistic and your night will never turn out like they do in Hollywood! Your friend will appreciate a realistic party idea; they can still end up movie worthy too!
  2. Do not plan a party surrounding around a nightlong adrenalin rush. While the groom may be an adrenalin junkie, it will only risk ending up horribly! There are chances that any extreme sport could end in a very serious injury, or a minor one either way they both may end up in a furious bride and maybe even groom! When you are that close to a wedding date all you want is to avoid upsetting the bride who has many chances to make the groom's life hell.
  3. You will regret a night full of pranks on the bride and groom to be. Your friends may have a great sense of humor typically, but this is the groom's last night of freedom! Do you really want to risk a chance of making him angry, or even worse hurting him? A small prank or two may end up being a great memory in years to come, but be careful how far you try to push it!
  4. Anything his overprotective fiancée suggests! While you don't want to make the bride hate you, or worse the groom because of his bachelor party, you also do not want to give your guy anything less than a stellar night away from her! Therefore, you most likely will not want to do anything that she is recommending or that they usually do together! This is a once in a lifetime night for him! Make it a once in a lifetime memory as well!
  5. A night full of group drinking that leads to a group tattoo trip! There is nothing you will regret more than waking up the morning after your bachelor party with a nice dolphin tattoo on all of your biceps, or worse each other's names tattooed on you! A night when you will be drinking as much as a good bachelor party calls for should never include making a decision that will last a lifetime or leave a scar!
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