5 Worst Disney Movie Characters

Who are the five worst Disney movie characters? What an interesting discussion to have. Disney characters are known to be memorable…for good reasons of course. A loveable dog, a jubilant crab. No one ever points out the worst Disney movie characters. Well, there's a first time for everything. You'd be surprised, but there are a lot of bad Disney movie characters. Choosing the five worst Disney characters of all time isn't the easiest task. Ah well, one thing's for certain. The five Disney characters that show up on this list all have one thing in common. They suck. Here they are, the five worst Disney movie characters ever to annoy audiences on the big screen.

  1. The Gump. If this guy doesn't ring a bell, be extremely glad. He's a moose with the body of a sofa. Yes, a freaking sofa. Come on, Disney. A sofa? Why not a love seat or a recliner? Why in the world would you create a character out of a sofa? What a crappy Disney character man, seriously. Oh, what movie was he in? The Gump makes his appearance in "The Return To Oz." It was released in 1985. The only good thing to come out of this movie is a young Fairuza Balk.
  2. Toaster. The star of Disney's "The Brave Little Toaster." This film was released in 1987. Why would Disney think kids would care about the lives and struggles of common household appliances. Maybe if the movie was titled "The Kick Ass 52" Plasma Screen HDTV" people would care a little more. This movie sucked, and so did the damn toaster. Really Disney, who cares?
  3. Herbie the Love Bug. Whooptee doo!! A car that can run all by itself. Guess what, Herby? "The Transformers" are a lot cooler than you dude, so give it a rest. The worst part is, he keeps coming back. Over and over again. The movies never get any better. Not even Lindsey Lohan could save Herbie in his 2005 release "Herbie: Fully Loaded." VW Beetles suck. And yes, you Herbie. You're one of the worst Disney movie characters ever. Do everyone a favor and report to your nearest chop shop and get lost.
  4. Iago. He's the annoying talking parrot of "Aladdin" fame. What can be said about this loser. He's just not a good character. "Aladdin" was a great film. It was arguably one of the best releases in 1992. It really was. But this little pain in the tale feathers just blows. Talking parrots are cool, but not when Gilbert Gottfried is doing the voice.
  5. Ariel. Now wait. Wait one damn minute. Before you guys shut down your laptops, just listen for a minute. "The Little Mermaid" was a great flick. Great story. Great characters. But Ariel, the little mermaid, was just terrible. The film was released in 1989. But, do you know who the character model of Ariel is fashioned after? None other than the sexy, the beautiful, the incredibly hot Alyssa Milano. Yes, you read right. Alyssa Milano. Any character based after a woman so damn gorgeous should have to get naked at some point through the film…cartoon or not. And this is why Ariel sucks. Alyssa Milano was allowed to torment all of you as children in the flesh as well as in cartoon form.
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