5 Worst Disney TV Movies

If you love bad movies, then you’ll love this list of the 5 worst Disney TV movies to ever surface on the Disney television network. Even though these were the types of movies that were designed specifically for children and teenagers, they also were quite cringe-inducing and corny. 

  1. “Smart House” which played on the network in June of 1999, is a film about a family that wins a computerized mansion with a personality. That’s right, the house speaks via the sound of a middle-aged woman’s voice and eventually the artificially intelligent house ends up going berserk, so berserk that it takes on the form of a woman and begins harassing the family and taking them hostage. The dialogue is pretty much as painful to listen to as the special effects are to watch. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check this one out because it’s definitely one of the worst Disney TV movies to hit the Disney channel.
  2. Things get hilarious in “Stepsister from Planet Weird” when romance flares up between an alien and a human, and their kids have to suffer the consequences. If the dialogue and strange belching/squeaking alien voices aren’t enough to make you laugh, maybe the corny monologues (and scenes of bubbles with faces floating about) given by Ariel, the alien daughter will. Of all Disney TV movies, this is possibly one of the worst ones.
  3. “Johnny Tsunami” was yet another incredibly corny number to appear on the Disney channel for the younger audience. The movie centers around a young boy named Johnny that loves to surf and has always resided in sunny Hawaii. Things come to a screeching halt for Johnny when he is forced to pack up and move with his parents to Vermont because of a job transfer. As he settles into the change in climate and new school system, he picks up snowboarding as a new hobby as well as a new love interest. This movie would have a chance if the acting and dialogue wasn’t so forced. If you’re looking for a bad movie to mock, this might be one that can provide you loads of material.
  4. “Get a Clue” seemingly encourages mocking from viewers as it opens with incredibly horrible music and you soon get that the entire movie revolves around a missing teacher. Maybe this was just a sorry attempt at propelling Lindsay Lohan’s acting career forward, but its typical Disney movie qualities shine through nevertheless. It certainly checks all the boxes when it comes to a bad movie including the fact that it has no real climax, horrible acting, a cliché script, and so much more. Prepare to snore through this one or make some real fun out of it. It’s definitely one of those Disney TV movies that you won’t watch twice.
  5. “The Cheetah Girls: One World” takes the 5th spot for this list of bad Disney TV movies because it’s simply a dead horse that has been beaten one too many times. “The Cheetah Girls” series is all about fame and music, and the first movie made was enough to last viewers a lifetime in corniness. However, “The Cheetah Girls: One World” is the third installment in the “Cheetah Girls” series and it’s just as bad as the rest, if not worse. This time, the Cheetah girls are in India trying to land roles in a Bollywood movie, but they soon find out that only one can get a role. Will the “Cheetah Girls’” friendship survive this bump in the road? Watch in agony as this movie regurgitates cliché ideas over and over. Make sure to put it far away in a dark room once you’re finished watching.
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