5 Worst Foods To Eat After Working Out

The 5 worst foods to eat after working out are all the foods that you ought to be avoiding at all costs. The purpose of your workout is to burn off calories and therefore, lose weight. Thus, if you insist on eating any of these five foods afterwards, you will be neutralizing any of the effects of your workout!

  1. Pizza. While everyone likes pizza at some point or another, it gets the ignominy of being the worst food to eat after working out because of all that fat and grease that even just one slice comes with! If you do not want the results of your calorie-burning exercise overridden after such a furious effort on your part, then do not eat pizza after working out. If you do, it would be like you did not work out at all in the first place.
  2. Chocolate. Chocolate is the second-worst food to eat after working out since it provides you little of what you need in order to recharge again after such a furious and intense, physical workout. While you may get a brief "burst" of energy (or feel like it) from eating chocolate, it really has deleterious effects on your body after you have just completed your workout. Chocolate is high in sugar and calories, which will reverse the effects of your workout.
  3. Handful of Plain Nuts. A handful of plain nuts may strike some as being inappropriate as a so-called worst food to eat after working out, but they are when you consider these facts. Although nuts are good for you and healthy, eating them after a workout just does not provide your needy body with the appropriate amount of energy that it needs after such a strenuous workout. For instance, they are low in carbs, which your body will need again to resupply its energy after a workout.
  4. Doughnuts. Doughnuts are the fourth worst foods to eat after working out since they are very unhealthy for you anyway! Therefore, you can just imagine how unhealthy it would be for you after a workout. After all, doughnuts are insanely high in both carbs and calories, and while you need some carbs to replenish after your workout, the amount of carbs in doughnuts is extreme.
  5. Bacon and Eggs. The final worst food to eat after working out is bacon and eggs. While this may be fine for breakfast in order to eat a big meal to get yourself ready for the rest of the day, bacon and eggs after a workout is a strict no-no! Bacon and eggs will not metabolize in your body in a fast way, which is what you need after a calorie-destroying workout. Moreover, they offer little nutritional value, too.
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