5 Worst Original Disney Movies

The 5 worst original Disney movies proves that not even Walt Disney is not above putting out a stinker every now and again. While the studio has put out some of the greatest animated movies of all time, there are a handful of live action features and a couple of animated films that prove they are not perfect.

  1. “The Haunted Mansion” – Eddie Murphy broke from his edgy, daring comedy work to focus solely on family comedies. While some of the movies have been decent, such as “The Nutty Professor,” others have been atrocious. One of the worst original Disney movies is based on their theme park attraction, “The Haunted Mansion.” The film is a comedy horror flick that is one of the low marks of Murphy’s career as he ends up fighting for his life in the haunted mansion.
  2. “Snow Dogs” – Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar for his role in “Jerry Maguire” and then turned around and starred in one of the worst original Disney movies. Gooding plays a dentist in Florida who travels to Alaska to gain his inheritance, which turns out to be seven Siberian Huskies and a Border Collie. He sets out to find out who his real father was and why he was put up for adoption, ending up involved in a Sled Dog Race.
  3. “Inspector Gadget” – Walt Disney bought the rights to Inspector Gadget in 1999 and released one of the worst original Disney movies ever made. Matthew Broderick starred as Inspector Gadget while Rupert Everett stars as the evil Dr. Claw. While Broderick has been good in movies before, including “Ferris Bueller,” he is unable to make the role of Inspector Gadget worth the time in this movie.
  4. “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” – In 2008, one of the worst original Disney movies to ever be made was released. The movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis as the owner of a pet Chihuahua, voiced by Drew Barrymore. When her daughter allows the Chihuahua to be dognapped, we follow the misadventures of the puppy in Mexico. It is trite, silly and one of the dumbest Disney movies ever made.
  5. “Hercules” – It is hard to discuss Disney movies without looking at some animated efforts. While Disney has a stellar record with their animated releases, one of the worst original Disney animated movies is “Hercules,” a retelling of the story of the Greek God. James Woods voices the mythological figure in a movie that is insipid and horribly executed. All the main legend of Hercules life is erased since this is a kid’s flick and what is left it not worth watching.
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