5 Worst Places To Get A Tattoo

Where are some of the 5 worst places to get a tattoo? You've probably asked yourself this question so you can avoid tattoos being placed on this area on your body or you probably have a high threshold for pain and you want to see how much pain you can take. Whatever the case may be, you will be a stronger person for causing trauma to your body.

The items you will need:

  • Tissues (to wipe away your tears)
  • Camera or camcorder (to show how much pain you or your friend was in)
  1. A tattoo on your groin. There are a large amount of nerve endings located on the penis and testicles. You may think an numbing agent will help, but it won't. Numbing agents aren't meant to last long and it will only distort the image being created. You will have to say “no” to any sexual activity for weeks or even a month because any moisture around the groin will cause an infection. The tattoo will need to be covered with saran wrap and secured with tape. This will protect the tattoo from water. This is by far the worst place to get a tattoo.
  2. A tattoo that's out of sight. Having a tattoo on your eyes is not an uncommon procedure. During the nineteenth century it was used to correct cosmetic irregularity for people who were blind. A tattoo gun is not necessarily used to apply ink, nor is tattoo ink used. The tattoo ink cannot be permanently applied in the eyeball so a syringe with antibiotic eyewash was used instead and it provided better results. You can't get a procedure done to remove the ink; it's permanent.
  3. Right in the mouth. Whether you're getting a tattoo on your tongue, lips or gums, the tattoo will not last long. This area is constantly moist. Touch ups will need to be made monthly. With the recession, that's just too much maintenance to maintain a tattoo.
  4. Walking with a tattoo. A tattoo located on your foot is popular amongst young women, but it's one of the worst places to get a tattoo. A tattoo on the soles of the foot make it impossible for you to walk. There is an delicate process to recover from receiving a tattoo in this area. You will need to avoid having fabric rub against the area. If any material that rubs or consistently touches the tattoo, a scab or infection will develop. If you get a tattoo on the bottom of the foot, you may need to consider traveling using a wheelchair or become bedridden.
  5. Do you have the spine to get a tattoo? The spine has a thin layer of skin protecting it from nerves and bones. When the tattoo needle penetrates the skin, it's likely to hit a nerve, causing extreme discomfort.
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