5 Worst Rap Battles

If you love watching people do things that make you question if that really just happened, then you’ll probably fall in love with the 5 worst rap battles to ever take place. Whether it’s the fact that the flow just isn’t there or one of the opponents becomes lost for words in the middle of their rap, you’ll agree that these are some of the worst rap battles to ever take place in the hip hop game.

  1. Up first, it’s the video of the rap battle between “Envy” and “Eli” that surfaced on the Internet and accumulated almost three million user views. The rap battle seems as if it was hosted on some sort of high school news channel, and the host manages to make it awkward even before the good stuff really starts happening. Envy ends up starting the rap battle off in a decent manner, spitting off quick and mediocre lines towards his opponent. While Envy raps, Eli stands there looking a little confused and worried at times. Once Envy is finished, the host awkwardly turns the audience’s attention to Eli. Eli begins his rap and doesn’t even get three or four lines out until he’s overtaken in what seems to be an extreme case of social anxiety and/or confusion. He ends up continuing his rap later on, but there is no getting your mind off of the awkward tension for the rest of the video!
  2. Another of the worst rap battles happens to be the one between “SasKilla,” “InfaRed,” and “Boya.” This battle isn’t so much a competition as it is a weird spouting off of weird lines that don’t make sense. Analyzing what the guys are even talking about would make sense if their speech was comprehendible, but half of the time, it’s hard to understand exactly what any of them are even saying. Alongside with the incessant mumbling, the guys seem hungry to make things rhyme so they just keep repeating the same words over and over in various sentences. This is definitely one of the most embarrassing rap battles to ever take place.
  3. The third worst rap battle ever is the one that happened between William “Billy Biceps” Carroll and Greg “The Black Man” Regis at Western New England College. The video starts off in what looks like a college dormitory with “Billy Biceps” reading off of a laptop for his portion of the battle. When watching the video, you get a sense that “the Black Man” will blow him away once he’s finished, but the video actually just keeps getting worse as the guys go back and forth. Between the grammatically correct “Billy Biceps” and the socially awkward “the Black Man,” this makes for one of the most awful rap battles ever.
  4. In late June of 2010, a YouTube user by the name of “WeeklyMedia” posted a video called “Worst Rap Battle Ever,” and they were right. Though it isn’t clear who exactly the guy and girl are that are battling in the video, the things that the guy says to the girl are enough to make it one of the most terrible rap battles to ever happen. The video starts off with the guy in the middle of a rap that has gone terribly wrong. In a matter of seconds, he begins rapping about his small genitalia and having sex with the opponent’s dad. As the video progresses, the guy just keeps adding more lines to further prove his idiocy and make it one of the most terrible rap battles to ever take place.
  5. The worst rap battle to ever happen was between J-Wil, a hyper rapper, and a random opponent. The video starts off in a promising manner, where J-Wil is rapping from his heart and giving the battle his all. It’s almost impossible to not wait in anticipation for his opponent’s comeback. However, things go way downhill once J-Wil’s opponent opens his mouth. His opponent’s lines are cheesy and awkward, and it continues even after J-Wil spouts off another handul of lines. All of the uncomfortable pauses and lines give this video a definite spot on this list of the most terrible rap battles ever.
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