5 Worst Sex Positions

Curious about the 5 worst sex positions? These positions exist, even though you may find it hard to believe that any sex position is bad. These positions lack creativity and are in some cases physically uncomfortable. While with your partner, try to steer clear of these, lest you find yourself soon again going to sleep in an empty bed.

  1. Missionary-style. Missionary-style sex is surely one of the worst sex positions, simply because it’s boring and vanilla. It provides the benefit of face-to-face interaction and kissing during the deed, but you really show your lack of imagination when you simply climb on top of your girl and start pounding away, probably not much unlike the last time your grandparents got busy.
  2. Standing up. Standing up and having sex can seem hot and can spring from some spontaneous and passionate making out. This act, however, is one of the worst positions to have sex in, and should be left to the pros. The simple physiology of a man and woman make this position a real challenge. Once the man is able to get himself into the proper position, the woman is then required to show a combination of flexibility, balance and strength. It’s more likely that you’ll both end up falling than getting off.
  3. In the dark. Most men—and many women—love the visual aspect of sex and of seeing your partner nude. Guys also really enjoy watching themselves move in and out of their partners. Any position, therefore, that takes place in a completely darkened room is one of the worst sex positions there is. Try to let in a little light, whether it’s from opening the blinds a bit, turning on the bathroom light or even plugging in a night-light. Sex in the dark takes the whole visual aspect out of the act and makes it far less enjoyable, kind of like having a great meal while holding your nose. You’re just not getting the full effect!
  4. In the back of a car. When you were seventeen and had absolutely no other place to get down and dirty with your girlfriend, the back of the car was the ideal place to do it. Now that you’re an adult, however, it’s best to avoid any wistful reminiscing and suggesting that you and your partner hop in the back seat “for old time’s sake.” In these cramped quarters you’ll find yourself uncomfortable, hot, worried about getting caught and not able to move as freely as you’d like to. Having to squeeze into the back of a car will result in one of the worst sex positions.
  5. Double teaming. It’s takes a unique-minded couple to even participate in a threesome and to bring another man into the bedroom. You might be this adventurous, but beware of one of the worst sex positions during a three-way: double penetration. With your girl straddling and riding your special friend, you will find it very challenging to move into the proper position to mount her in that other place. Once you’re in, you’ll find it difficult for all three of you to keep a satisfying rhythm and there will, of course, be lots of dude-on-dude touching, perhaps a turn off to both of you.
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