5 Wyoming Elk Hunting Tips

So, you want to go elk hunting and you need to know five Wyoming elk hunting tips? Well, we're going give them to you in depth so you can fully understand and take advantage of them. Elk hunting is a lot of fun, and if you follow these tips, you'll have a great experience!


  1. Know the type of elk hunting you want to do. There are many types of elk hunts that you can do. There types include: private ranch with high fencing, private ranch without high fencing, public land hunts where you stay in a motel and public land hunt at a wilderness camp. A private ranch with high fencing hunt is basically very short and very easy. Pretty much, you choose what kind of elk you want to "hunt." Then, they put it in a small area with high fencing. Then, you shoot it. As you can see, this is not for big adventurers. Only choose this if you are old or if you have some physical limitations. A private ranch without high fencing hunt is basically a nice hunt with few limitations. You can also hunt things like bulls as well.

    In a public land hunt, you stay in a motel at night. However, since you're going to be going back near roads every night, then you're going to need to travel farther to find elk. Also, there may be many hunters out there as well, so watch out for them. You don't want to accidentally shoot them.

    Finally, a public land hunt at a wilderness camp is where you ride to camp on horseback. You'll also need to plan long horseback traveling to get away from crowds. This hunt has the potential to become the best hunt of your lifetime! Basically, you want to get as far away from the road as possible as elk usually stay away from said areas. If you have physical limitations, don't pick anything that will be too strenuous for you. However, if you don't have limitations like that and you want to have the hunt of your lifetime, choose hunts that don't have lots of limitations! Also, if you're just starting out as an elk hunter, then don't pick anything that will stress you out as well.

  2. Choose an area to hunt in. There's a very clever way to do this. Try to find a national park where hunting is not allowed, like Yellowstone National Park. Then, you should hunt right outside of the boundaries of that national park. Sure, you may have to ride on horseback for a while to find some elk. However, if you are willing to do this and you have the patience to do it, the rewards will be great.

  3. Choose an outfitter. This is usually someone that you can trust and has lots of experience hunting elk. You want to be able to trust him.

  4. Get to know the general area. There are a few good national parks to hunt around. These include Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Also, more than 48% of the land belongs to the U.S. Government, so keep that in mind. The land is quite mountainous as well.

  5. Hunt for elk. Have a great time hunting for elk! One thing you can do when you're finished with hunting is that you can also keep the elk as trophies as well.

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