5 Young Female Singers

There are five young female singers who have really made a name for themselves in the music industry over the last few years. Each of these young ladies exudes their own type of musical influence over their fans, as they all come from very different backgrounds. It's refreshing to see young female singers signed with major record labels in this day and age. There have been far too many boy bands leading the music pack in the last decade and it's time the ladies stood up for their rightful turn.

  1. Katy Perry. Becoming a household name in 2008, this young 25-year-old female singer made her mark with the song "I Kissed a Girl". Perry, believe it or not, was once a Christian singer. Her first album produced in 2001, was solely Christian music. She soon abandoned this genre for her new-found love for pop, and began working with the Capitol who signed her in 2007. Once "I Kissed a Girl" hit the airwaves, it was an instant hit with both guys and girls. Perry's follow up album in 2010 contained the chart topper, "California Gurls" which she collaborated with Snoop Dog on. Perry's currently engaged to British funny man and actor, Russell Brand. She continues to be a popular draw at awards shows, not only for her fun pop songs, but also for her charm and gorgeous looks. Since 2008, Perry's been nominated for 83 awards, winning a total of sixteen.
  2. Avril Lavigne. Punk rock princess Avril Lavigne hails from Ontario Canada, making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter, actress and most recently at age 26, a fashion designer.  At the tender age of sixteen, the young female singer moved to Manhattan, New York in search of her musical calling and there began working on her debut album. While still in the eleventh grade, she secured a record deal and dropped out of high school to pursue her dream. Her debut album “Let Go” released in 2002 launched Lavigne into the recording industry. As a petite, punky skater girl from a small town, Lavigne has shown she is self-sufficient, full of confidence and determination, definitely helping pave the way for other young women wanting to get into the music business.
  3. Lady Gaga. Growing up in New York, a young female singer by the name of Joanne Stefani Germanotta loved music. Her favorite performers were Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson, and she'd sing and dance along to their songs, plus put on shows for her family. Today we know her as Lady Gaga, and she's quite possibly the most talked about, controversial music performer on the planet. With her "shock 'em" outfits, theatrical stage shows and infectious music, this 24-year-old beauty has won numerous awards including two Grammy's. Overall, Lady Gaga has been nominated for 144 awards and won a total of 95 since 2008.
  4. Leona Lewis. Debuting her vocal talent on the third season of the UK reality show called "The X Factor"; this young singer simply wowed the judges and audience every time she stepped on stage. She ended up winning the competition that season, praised for being the very first genuine talent to come from that show. Lewis was matched with Simon Cowell and Clive Davis to work on her first album. Lewis' first single "Bleeding Love", co-written by Jesse McCartney and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, debuted at the top of both the UK music charts, as well as the Billboard charts in the US. 25-year-old Lewis was the first British pop star to have achieved this type of recognition in over twenty years.
  5. Jordin Sparks. Winner of American Idol, season six and the youngest singer ever on the show, Jordin Sparks was just seventeen when she showed off her vocal skills in front of millions of TV viewers worldwide. During the three years since she won Idol, Sparks has released two albums, toured with Alicia Keys, and performed for the last two Presidents. Sparks has won two BET awards, an American Music Award, was nominated for a Grammy and is now co-writing her own songs. In June 2010, at age twenty, Jordin got her first headlining tour, performing in 35 different venues across the United States.
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