5 Young Petite Black Female Singers

These 5 young petite black female singers are in the 35 and under club. They range from some of pop's cutest beauties to R&B's sexiest vocalists. They may not be able to jiggle it like Beyonce, but their beauty is incredible. 

  1. Janelle Monae. Feminine, cute and petite, this young chocolate beauty has a voice and eclectic style that’s hard to replicate. Singing from her soul, angel-faced Monae’s lysrics are created to blow your mind.
  2. Ashanti Douglas. Long Island native Ashanti previously held it down for Murder Inc. In her heyday, Nelly’s former babe had several #1 hits and graced the pages of several men’s magazines with her petite caramel figure. This sexy songstress continues to release songs and perform in between acting projects.
  3. Christina Milian. Many people know this Afro-Latina beauty for her acting chops, but Cuban beauty Christina Milian has vocal prowess as well. Sexy single “Dip It Low” is one of Milian’s best known cuts. Milian, now a mother, might have slowed down a bit, but she’s definitely still in the music game.
  4. Mya Harris. Mya is sexy, talented, ambitious and empowered. This cream-colored Maryland native has had a longstanding music career, and has also starred in several movies as well. Her curly locks, petite figure and sexy smile is sends hearts racing every time it lights up the screen. Her sexy dance moves are also to die for – have you seen “My Love is Like Whoa”?
  5. Dawn Richard. Previously a member of former platinum-selling group Danity Kane, Dawn currently runs with Diddy’s Dirty Money. Her soulful vocals, doe-like eyes and laidback personality are sensual, feminine and strong.
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