5 Youngest Mayors

The 5 Youngest Mayors may not be old enough to drink, but these savvy youngsters are trying to lead their towns to achieve greater things. While Brian Zimmerman still holds the “youngest mayor ever” title, (he was eleven years old when he took office in 1983), these political peewees are the youngest Americans holding a current mayoral office. 

  1. Romaine Robert Quinn, nineteen, is the mayor of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Rice Lake has 8,320 residents. Quinn’s goals for his term are to build a community center and to improve the town’s fiscal responsibility. He also attends the University of Wisconsin in Barron County.   
  2. Trey Allen Joy presides as mayor over the town of Smith Center, Kansas. He was a mere nineteen years old when he was elected in 2009. Joy wants to add more wind energy to the town of 1,663 residents, as well as clean up the town. Joy sells insurance in his spare time.
  3. Justin Seese was nineteen years of age when he was elected in 2009 to be the mayor of Ashville, Pennsylvania. His grandmother was also mayor of the town decades before. Seese feels the town of 280 residents needs some street improvements as well as an expansion of the police force. Seese serves as a volunteer fire fighter. 
  4. Jenny Lynn Barger distinguishes herself not only as one of the youngest mayors, but as the youngest female mayor. Barger was twenty when she was elected as Sligo, Pennsylvania’s mayor in 2009. Her goals while in office include building a senior citzens’ center and restoring the “Community Days” event. Sligo has 700 residents. Barger is also a student.
  5.  John Tyler Hammons was nineteen years old when he began his term in 2008 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Hammons is currently studying political science  when not serving his community of 38,000. His duties as one of the youngest mayors are to address crime and diversity in Muskogee.
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