5 Youngest Millionaires

Looking for the 5 youngest millionaires? It seems that the millionaires are becoming younger these days. It doesn’t matter how they made their money, whether it was with a business idea, or because they are entertainers. This list includes the top five youngest millionaires, male or female, and the way they made their money.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – The founder of Facebook is worth an estimated four billion dollars. Facebook revenues are estimated to be between $710 million and one billion this year. The founder was sued and ended up settling the lawsuit for a reported 65 million dollars, which may actually be unjustified since his site was being developed before any other such site became an idea; however, in the interest of concluding the case to get on with business, he settled the case. Mr Zuckerberg is actually a billionaire, not just a young millionaire.
  2. Stacey Bendet – She created a clothing line for women, which she named Ashley & Olivia. He net worth is unknown, but the clothing line is described as being “wildly successful” and sales are an estimated 50 million dollars annually. At her relatively young age, she makes the list for being one of the youngest millionaires.
  3. Aaron Patzer – He is the creator of Mint.com, which is a money management web site that was purchased by Intuit for a reported $170 million dollars. Mr. Patzer created the web site when he was 25 and became a millionaire not long after that. The web site is one that shows people how they can keep more of their money in their pockets.
  4. Andrew Mason – Mr. Mason may actually move into the billionaire category if he decides to sell his site Groupon.com to Google for the reported six billion dollars that’s been hyped up in the media. The wildly successful coupon site has more than 3,000 employees and has a presence in 35 countries at this point.
  5. David Chang – He is the creator of Momofuku, a noodle bar turned empire of restaurants that regularly has a line out the door waiting to be seated! He has made the Time top 100 list and while his net worth is unreported, his four restaurants, spread across Manhattan, has reservations that are months in advance!
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