5 Zoster Sine Herpete Symptoms

Zoster sine herpete symptoms are similar to those of shingles or herpes zoster with one noticeable difference. Zoster sine herpete is shingles, minus the rash that commonly appears on one side of the body and usually occurs in people over age 60. Shingles without the rash usually affects patients who are even older. WIthout the rash, diagnosing zoster sine herpete can be difficult.

Pain One of the most common symptoms of zoster sine herpete is pain. The pain may be deep and affect the muscles or it may be a burning sensation on the skin. A person with zoster sine herpete may experience one or both types of pain typically on one side of the body. Pain without the shingles rash may cause doctors to misdiagnose the condition as something else, unfortunately.

Fever If you have zoster sine herpete, you may also have a fever. Unfortunately, since a fever can point to a lot of other conditions, it is hard to diagnose zoster sine herpete on the basis of fever alone.

Other flu-like symptoms Chills and a headache are other common symptoms of zoster sine herpete. You may also experience nausea.

Tingling and numbness If you experience tingling and numbness, especially on one side of the body, it may be a symptom of zoster sine herpete. The skin may also itch.

Bell's Palsy Another symptom that may point to zoster sine herpete is Bell's Palsy or paralysis of the facial muscles. The herpes zoster virus infects the nerves of the muscles, causing inflammation. A person with Bell's Palsy experiences weakness or paralysis on one side of his face. He usually cannot smile or move his eye on that particular side of his face. While his ability to taste may decrease, his hearing ability on the affected side usually increases.



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