50 Cent Quotes

These 50 cent quotes all represent the singer's great way with words. These are excellent lyrics and quotes to keep in mind if you want to surround yourself by the words of this talented singer. You won't regret choosing these excellent quotes to decorate your walls or simply to share on Facebook.

  1. "Don't listen to the gossip it's never ever true / They say I do things that I never ever do" from "Just a Touch": These great lyrics from the song "Just a Touch" make a great 50 cent quote. It is an excellent quote if you want something inspiring that keeps you strong in the face of bad gossip. It is no wonder that this quote's song helped the Curtis album become such a hit.
  2. "You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub / Mama, I got what you need, if you need to feel a buzz" from "In Da Club": This is an excellent 50 cent quote for anywone looking to relax. It's a great quote suggesting a laid-back and carefree party life. It's one of 50 cent's most famous quotes from one of his hit songs.
  3. "I'm a trackstar running through life, chasing my dream" from "God Gave Me Style": This is one of 50 cent's most inspiring quotes. It suggests his strong self-believe and success. It's the perfect 50 cent quote to suite anyone needing a quote to move up in life. This is a 50 cent quote you'll definitely want to remember.
  4. "Sh*t I ain't even got to try to shine" from "Patiently Waiting": This is a great quote from 50 cent's hit song "Patiently Waiting," off the 2003 album "Get Rich or Die Tryin." This quote represents his god-blessed talent and his ease to succeed. It's a great inspiring 50 cent quote to remind yourself that success doesn't have to be difficult.
  5. "I gotta make it to heaven, for going through hell", from "Gotta Make it to Heaven": This is a great 50 cent quote from one of his greatest songs. This quote suggests that difficult times deserve a reward in the end. It's a great quote to keep around as inspiration for better times to come.
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