6 Actresses That Look Like Kaley Cuoco

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Pay attention “Big Bang Theory” fans because the six actresses that look most like Kaley Cuoco are just ahead.  Teenage boys around the world first fell in love with her in the hit television series “8 Simple Rules” and the infatuation with Kaley Cuoco has only grown along with her career. While there is only one Kaley Cuoco, here are six beautiful actresses that look most like our favorite television star.


Yvonne Strahovski  Chuck Cast

1. Yvonne StrahovskiThis Australian actress is a definite Kaley Cuoco look alike. Starting out in Australian television, Yvonne’s career has jumped to new levels, recently landing reoccurring roles in the hit American televisions shows “Chuck” and “Dexter”. Actions fans might also recognize her from the Jason Statham movie “Killer Elite” but we all know her as looking just like Kaley Cuoco.



2. Taryn Terrell – Although not as known for her traditional acting roles, Terrell is a talented thespian, most recognized for her involvement in pro wrestling. Operating under the ring name Tiffany in the WWE, she has caused more than a few double takes from Kaley Cuoco fans. Terrell has also done work as a stunt woman, making her the ideal choice next tie Kaley Cuoco has to take a hard fall on camera.



3. Aly MichalkaThis beautiful young blond bombshell is a definite Kaley Cuoco look alike. Not only does Aly have those Kaley Cuoco good looks but she is also an accomplished actress and singer. You may recognize her as part of the pop duo “Aly and AJ” or from her work in the hit movie “Easy A”. However, she is probably better known at this point as the cutie that looks like Kaley Cuoco.



4. Chelsea Kane – Another up and coming actress that looks like Kaley Cuoco, Chelsea Kane has done a lot of work with the Disney Channel in her young career. Like Aly Michalka, she is also a talented singer and just recently starred in “Lovestruck: The Musical” on ABC Family. This Kaley Cuoco look alike has a bright future.



5. Wendy McLendon-CoveyBest known for her time on the comedy central show “Reno 911,” Wendy is a talented and beautiful comedian and actress. Not only does she share similar physical features with Kaley Cuoco, but she also shares that unique ability to make us laugh. At a bit older than Kaley, she also gives us a hint on what Kaley will age into and that is good news.


Melissa Joan Hart

6. Melissa Joan Hart – We all still know her as Sabrina from “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” (or maybe “Clarissa” if you are a 90’s child), but she could also be identified as a Kaley Cuoco look alike. Now that Melissa has had three children and is a bit further along in life than Kaley Cuoco you might not see the resemblance immediately, but go back and watch an episode of “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” and you’ll see how much Kaley and Melissa look alike.

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