6 Lego Sets You Wouldn’t Be Ashamed To Show Off In Your House


There are at least six Lego sets you wouldn’t be ashamed to show off in your house. Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean Lego sets aren’t still awesome. Keep your inner child alive with these six sets.


Turtle Lair Attack. If you love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you will flip for this Lego set! It featured a multi-story lair that includes a dojo for the turtles to train in, a working catapult, a lab and a pizza oven. Awesome.


Super Racer. This Lego set might just be one vehicle, but it is one of the best sets you can own. With real working tires and plenty of extra pieces, you can rebuild this racer into several different shapes, including a go-kart.


Fierce Flyer. Like the Super Racer, you definitely won’t be ashamed to show off this Lego set in your house. The set is put together to resemble a bald eagle with moveable wings. Or you can rearrange the blocks to create a scorpion.


Fire Truck. Who would ever be ashamed to show off a fire truck? Certainly not you with the Lego Fire Truck set! A fire hydrant, working ladder and actual firemen help put this set over the top. They even come with tiny axes and other firefighting equipment.


Fire Motorcycle. Love daredevils? Check out this Lego set! Get the Lego daredevil driver into the motorcycle and let him jump over a container of fire! And of course, for safety, the driver comes with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.


Helicopter Arrest. You will not be ashamed to show off this Lego set in your house. Helicopter Arrest comes with a helicopter for the police and a truck and speedboat for the bad guys! Plus, there’s a hideout where the bad guys are stashing the goods. Show off this set and catch them before it’s too late!

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