6 Men’s Essentials That You Should Buy At Costco, And 6 You Shouldn’t


Men can fall in love with Costco Wholesale Company just as fast as they can fall out of love with the fifth largest retailer in the United States. It's all about products. Here are some excellent grooming merchandise worthy of purchase followed by some not-so-worthy Costco Wholesale Company investments.


Do invest in Costco's Fish Oil and Omega 3 product. Just make sure your doctor approves the feel good combo. Costco sells them at various prices. Omega 3 and fish oil concentrate contains one thousand milligrams in four hundred softgels from Kirkland Signature. Which only goes for nine dollars a bottle. Not bad, not bad!


Do not invest in Costco watches. The answer can be found right in front of you, on a table, next to the car keys – your cell phone. Electronics has become a part of a man's life and considered an essential to everyday living. Most electronics have time preprogrammed. Save your money for, say, a snowplow instead.


Do invest in the FirstTrax Snowplow with Deflector and Skid Shoes (just under seven hundred dollars). This fun ATV snowplow ride can put a guy in the neighborhood snowplow business. Run Frosty, run!


Do not invest in the Crocodile Bill Fold by Tuzzi Uomo. This wallet goes for pennies just under two hundred dollars. First rule of purchasing a wallet is never buy at a high price. You'd want to have some money left over to put inside of it.


Do invest in Dove's Men's Body Wash. This item is occasionally found on sale. Not just a good buy. Dove may get sudsy, require extra rinsing but delivers on clean results that last longer than some deodorant.


Do not invest in Philips Sonicare Healthy White Platinum. Not a mail-in rebate fan and this product falls under that category. Plus, it is almost one hundred and fifty dollars. For that price a man should just get his teeth cleaned at the dentist office.


Do invest in Costco's Men's Marino Wool Zip Polo. Under fifty, extra fine wool even though it is dry clean only. Best perk? Nice casual style. A man can wear this shirt to any event, even a funeral.


Do not invest in the Costco's Men's Cashmere V-Neck Argyle. Question is, do you really want to spend close to one hundred and fifty dollars Potsie? It's not as much the price but the lack of style that comes with the dry clean only sweater.


Do invest in Advil. Especially guys with nagging girlfriends or opinionated mother-in-laws. Best investment since it takes care of multiple needs. Got a headache?  Advil. Buttocks hurt from sitting all day? Advil. Heard the election results? Advil. Spent too much money on medicine? Advil. Purchase the 360 pill bottle for under twenty dollars because it runs more expensive elsewhere.


Do not invest in 81 mg Bayer if you have a large body and head. I'm not a rocket scientist, or a physician, but that low dosage Bayer is obviously for low grade headaches and/or fevers. Men with large heads (and bodies) may not get rid of their pain(s) with 81 mg in a single pill. So, don't waste the money popping more than two pills to kill a headache.


Do invest in Kirkland Signature Men's Silk Tie (Lavender). This classy yet brassy tie offers a calming color in lavender. The tie is not too thin and not too large. Being priced at under twenty dollars makes it a great deal.


Do not invest in grills. Prices range up into the multiple thousands. The outdoorsman can usually find a more fitting price for the same type and style of grill elsewhere. Urban Island BBQ grill goes for $3,600 at Costco but at Amazon for about a thousand dollars less. Which wraps up these six men's essentials you should buy, and six you shouldn't.

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