6 National Drinks That Will Get You Internationally Hammered

For the alcoholic connoisseurs out there, or the plain dumb and adventurous, it would not hurt to know about 6 national drinks that can get you internationally hammered.  Without much ado, this article will cover six national drinks, in no particular order of preference, that will make you wish you did not take that extra swig.

  1. Chibuku. Chibuku is a fermented corn beer that originates from Africa. The milder form of the drink is marketed in South Africa as Chibuku Shake Shake. However, the boot-leg version, which is available in villages farther north, will get you hammered fast, though it smells a bit like fermented vomit.
  2. Lambanog. A vodka type drink that is fermented from coconuts, this popular Philippine local liquor now comes in many different flavors like bubblegum and even grape. Known for its quick kick, one who samples it should appreciate the strong buzz, as it is quite difficult to harvest coconuts to make this exquisite drink.
  3. Sake. No one will forget James Bond showing off his international knowledge of this Japanese liquor in the movie "You Only Live Twice", insisting that it is best served at 48 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is good enough for Bond, then it should be good enough for you.
  4. Vodka. Made from rotten potatoes, according to some, this drink is made mostly from mash of wheat and vegetable matter. It keeps the Russians extremely warm and happy in the winter months and in the summer months as well.
  5. Gin. Another drink that is popular in another cold weather country called England, the London Dry Gin is the most famous of all gins. It's made from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origins. Interestingly enough, eleventh century Italian monks are the ones credited for inventing this drink.
  6. Rum. Made famous by pirates and buccaneers, this is a strong drink made from sugars and molasses available aplenty in the Barbados and surrounding islands. Drinking too much may make you sing, “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum” in no time.



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