6 Reasons Penis Size Doesn’t Matter


So, you want to learn about 6 reasons penis size doesn’t matter? Are you intimidated by size queens, worry about measuring up in the locker room, or think that you’re just not big enough? Following are good reasons why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

  1. The average penis size when erect is five to seven inches. This directly relates to the whole concept that penis size isn’t much of an issue because women are used to these averages. So, chances are, you’re not going to run into much disappointment when the two of you hit the bedroom together for the first time as chances are good she’s already familiar with the average size.
  2. Women value other attributes in a mate more highly than penis size.  Sex therapists have noted that their female clients almost never say anything about their partner’s penis either in terms of size or girth. Instead, women tend to talk about attraction, how caring their mate is, shared interests and other cerebral aspects instead. This is very clear evidence that penis size doesn’t matter.
  3. Many women do not experience orgasms via penile penetration. It’s true: there are many women who simply cannot have an orgasm from penetration alone. For them clitoral stimulation produces much more sensation. So, don’t worry if your partner doesn’t seem to be getting much from the penetrative experience. See to her needs first with oral or manual stimulation, or both, for a truly memorable experience.
  4. A large penis can make sex worse for the woman. Strange, but true. The size of the organ can make it more difficult for a woman to reach orgasm, if she’s able to, for a psychological reason: the guy that owns the large member is most likely a jerk, and can’t be bothered to take care of his partners needs. So, a nice guy with an average penis size can finish first.
  5. Porn does not equal reality. Chances are, you’re like every normal guy out there and have watched your fair share of porn. When it comes to porn, penis size does matter, mainly for visual purposes. A small penis isn’t easily picked up by the camera, so large members it is. Here’s what you need to do — stop comparing yourself to Peter North. Women are simply not looking for a porn star sized penis on their potential mate.
  6. What you see is an optical illusion. In other words, images in the mirror are larger than they appear. You only see one plane of your penis for the most part, which is from the top side. What your partner sees is the entirety of the penis, so it appears larger to her than you realize.

When all is said and done, you need to stop worrying about the size of your penis, and comparing it to unrealistic standards. Instead, brush up on your oral skills and let your fingers do the talking to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm that she’s not going to forget.

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