6 Ways Being Cocky Can Make You A Better Lover

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Look, no one likes a cocky guy. At least, not in most situations. But in the bedroom, all bets are off. What was once annoying and obnoxious can quickly become and advantage when it comes to making you a better lover. It has to do with the fact that being cocky is similar to being confident, and confidence is something that all woman are attracted to. In bed, a cocky man knows how to take control and show a woman a good time. Check out this list of six ways that being cocky can make you a better lover. Just remember to use it in moderation, okay guys?

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Being Cocky Means You Aren't Shy. Women often want a man is who is able to take the lead. They don't want a guy who will hide in the shadows and wait for the woman to make the first move. A cocky attitude shows that you go after what you want, which is definitely attractive. Go ahead, order the beautiful woman at the bar a drink without asking first.


Cocky People Are More Adventurous. More adventurous people make better lovers, as they are willing to try new things in bed to impress their lovers. They are also willing to try new things outside of the bedroom, meaning date night is never boring or expected. If you've got cockiness, you've also got confidence, which means you'll be a game partner for whatever your lover may want.

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Being Cocky Trumps Being Funny. Most women want a guy who will make them laugh, but they don't want a guy who is the class clown or a goof. Being funny is a key part of being cocky. You'll make a woman laugh, which will make her more interested in you. Just remember to leave the clown gear and silly stunts at home. No woman wants a guy who still thinks whoopee cushions are hilarious.

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Cockiness Makes You Calm and Collected. Bad lovers tend to panic in bed. They may worry about performance, leading them to do embarrassing things, such as trying to hurry things up or skip to the end when the woman is just getting started. Worse, they may lose control of the situation, finishing things without meaning to. If you're being cocky, you have a certain amount of arrogance going on, which will keep you calm and prevent you from making embarrassing lover's mistakes. And if something goes wrong in bed? You can handle that as well.

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Being Cocky Makes You More Spontaneous. If you have that cockiness or confidence going for you, you won't limit sex to the bedroom only. People need spontaneous, but safe sex, to make love and life more interesting. If you're cocky, you won't be afraid to do it in the kitchen or on the living room floor. Thinking about trying something fun and new in the shower? Go for it.

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Cockiness Equals Persistence, But Keep It Under Control. Women want a guy who knows what he wants, but they don't want a guy who insists on something they don't want at the moment or won't want ever. Being cocky encourages you to go after what you want, but it also keeps you from making a fool of yourself when the woman says no. Remember, the goal in being cocky is to make a woman want to go to bed with you. You've achieved the opposite if you come on so strongly that she tells all her friends to stay away.

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