69 Position Tips

Everyone loves oral sex, and these 69 position tips will help you and your partner both enjoy it at the same time. The 69 position is the most common position for mutual oral sex, but it can be uncomfortable if not done right, and no one wants to be uncomfortable when they're trying to get themselves and a partner off. Here are some essential 69 position tips to make seventy-minus-one your favorite number. (Note: these 69 position tips are for a man and a woman, and may not apply to same-sex coupling).

  1. Have the girl on top. The first of our 69 position tips is for maximum comfort, as the girl is often lighter than the guy, making it better for her to be on top. This way, the girl can also more easily control the depth of the penis going into her mouth, preventing gagging and making everyone just a little bit happier.
  2. Prop your head with pillows. One or two pillows beneath the guy's head makes it much easier to get up close and personal for cunnilingus, and can prevent neck or shoulder cramping, allowing the fun to go on much longer. Like other 69 position tips, this varies with each set of partners, but is a good idea when starting out.
  3. Ladies first. Just as with any other sex act, it's important to focus on the woman's pleasure first. Guys, if you're feeling like you're getting close, have the lady lay off a bit so you can make sure she gets there with or before you. It's much better that way.
  4. Introduce fingers. If the girl is into it, laying back in the 69 position enables a guy's hands to be free to roam. Use your fingers inside of her vagina, on her clitoris as you use your mouth on other areas, or, even, for added kinky fun, around or in her anus. Just make sure she's into it first; this is an important aspect of all 69 position tips.
  5. Be safe. If you are not exclusive sexual partners, or are but have not been tested recently, it is important to use a dental dam and a condom respectively. It should go without saying even in a list of 69 position tips, but some people out there are still not being safe, and sex is a whole lot more fun when the danger of STDs is lessened.

The 69 position allows a lot of room for experimentation and improvisation. Hopefully these 69 position tips have been helpful, but the best way to get better is to practice!

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