The 7 Most Pleasurable Sex Positions

If your sex life is loosing its excitement or you just want to spice things up and make her moan every night, then it’s time to start experimenting with the 7 most pleasurable sex positions. No, you don’t have to become a Kamasutra master or crawl into bed with a bunch of battery-operated toys. You’ll just need to be willing to sweat a bit (chicks like that!) while you lift, squat and bounce her panting body around. So consider this a “menu” of the 7 most pleasurable sex positions to feed your gratification and surprise the hell out of her.

  1. Doggy Style. It’s surprising how many women have not tried this classic move until after they’ve had a few partners. Maybe it’s too “dirty” or too “animal,” who knows. But once she tries this pleasurable sex position and finds out just how much it stimulates her clitoris, she can’t get enough of being on all fours with her head down while you pump her from behind. This is also a great floor position.
  2. Lap Dance.This is one of those “do it anywhere” sex positions, whether it’s an office, college library, her dinning room after dinner or hidden by a towel at a crowded poolside. All you need is a straight-back chair with no arms to get the most out of this incredibly pleasurable sex position. Just sit yourself down and have her jump on facing you. If the chair is just the right size for her feet to reach the floor with bent knees, then she can control the action by giving you the ultimate “lap dance.”
  3. Stand-up Squat. Start in the missionary position with her on her back on the edge of the bed. Have her wrap her legs around your waste, her arms around your back and tell her to “hold on tight.” OK, now stand up, hold her butt and start bouncing. This works even better if she slips her legs down and wraps them around the outside of your thighs. Either way, every time you bounce, you be in so deep she’ll swear she can taste it. Try this one in the pool!
  4. Floor Push-ups. Doing it on the floor is always fun, but adding a little push-up action will take her to a whole other place in the orgasm universe. Get her on her back on the floor and start moving into the missionary position with your arms under her thighs. Lift her legs toward her head or have her grab her ankles while you put your hands on the floor. After you straighten and lock your legs and arms, you’re ready to start thumping her with push-ups. Like the pleasurable sex positions of “Doggy Style” and the “Stand-up Squat,” she won’t know where all those orgasm came from.
  5. Edge-of-the-Bed. Have her lay down at the edge of the bed with her feet touching the floor. Stand at the edge of the bed facing her and bring her legs up as you slide in deeply. This pleasurable sex position has a few variations. You can stand holding her hips and pull her towards you, or you can drop down with you hands outstretched on the bed next to her. Either way, the weight of your body standing over her guarantees the kind of deep penetration that will make her squirm.
  6. Ride’m Cowgirl. Nothing says “fun” like having her on top, whether you’re on the bed or the floor. You can just lay there and let her control all the hot action as she bounces, twists and arches her back. Try this pleasurable sex position with her either facing you or with her back to you. And don’t forget to let her take your hands and show you what she likes touched.
  7. Reverse Missionary. The standard, stale missionary position normally involves your legs on the inside of hers. Start with that position but then reverse where the two of you place your legs – with her legs straightened out inside yours. It sounds uncomfortable, but this is another position that women inexplicably like after they try it. This pleasurable sex position also works great with her on top.
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