7 Things Every Sports Bar Should Have

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There are at least 7 things that every sports bar should have. These features will set a good sports bar apart from a bad sports bar. Big screen televisions and beer are not the only features that will make a sports bar be the best. 


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Large HDTV's with a good sports package. No sports bar is complete without several large flat screen television sets. How many TV's are needed depends on the size of the venue. If it is a large space, there should be at least several TV sets per wall. Not all of them should be set to the same game. A good selection of games should be able to be watched in different areas of the sports bar. A good sports package will go a long way.



Good pub style food. The food inside the sports bar should be decent. It does not have to be competing with a five star restaurant, but it should at least be tasty and fresh. There should be a good selection of food as well. Most sports bars offer burgers, wings, various fried appetizers, and sandwiches. Prices should also be reasonable. 


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Decent selection of local beer. When watching sports, most people prefer to have a cold beer or two. A good sports bar will have a good beer selection with American favorites, local favorites, and some popular imported beers. The most popular beer should be available on tap, and bottles available for everything else. The liquor selection should also be good. 



Hot waitresses. Sports bars should have attractive waitstaff. Waitresses should be friendly and appealing to look at. Hot, friendly waitresses will keep many guys coming back over and over again. 


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Good location. Sports bars that do well are in a good location. They are located where people can easily access them and also in a good area of town. They should be convenient to drive to when watching a game outside the house is appealing. 


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Good atmosphere. Sports bars should have a fun and energetic atmosphere. Patrons should be able to sit and watch their sports games without interruption by other rowdy customers. Loud music also tends to kill the mood when the big game is on and customers cannot hear it. 



Plenty of parking. Parking can make or break and evening of fun. When going to out watch sports, being able to park will sometimes be the only reason a certain sports bar was selected. Bar patrons do not want to have to worry about where they parked or whether they are going to be towed. Sports bars with a decent amount of close parking spaces tend to do more business than one without parking. 

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